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I chose the name Lifecipher for my business because I work in a profession which is about trying to help people to figure out the complex problems that beset their lives.  Some people find their problems so difficult to work out that it is almost like trying to decipher a code.  Quite often the reason for this is that something has happened that falls outside of their normal understanding of how the world works; or at least how they believed the world worked.   When significant changes like this occur people can feel very disorientated, vulnerable and confused.  It is at times like this that counselling psychologists can be of assistance and through therapy help people reorient themselves.


The psychological services that I now provide are only on-line.  I have chosen to work using this medium, after many years of working from a consulting room, as it enables me to offer very flexible appointment times whilst keeping sessions fees at reasonable rates.  Payment for sessions can be made either by bank transfer or via PayPal.  Further information on my terms and conditions can be obtained by contacting me via my email address.


The information contained in the following pages briefly describes the services that I am able to provide.  For more detailed information and pricing please contact me for further information.


If you would like further information or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


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